InteliTrack technology is tough, reliable and productive – the only two-axis tracking systems with wind rating up to 150 miles per hour!

Tough and reliable:

Only InteliTrack Rail Tracking Systems are designed to distribute the weight of the panels over a broad area, and to withstand winds up to 150 miles per hour. InteliTrack systems can be installed without a concrete foundation, so the total cost of your photovoltaic system is less, but they are more stable than systems mounted on a single upright pole.

Only InteliTrack systems provide two-axis tracking with just two moving parts – actuators and bearings. Both have been tested through accelerated-aging cycles, and have lasted much longer than their warranted lives.

For more about durability and reliability, click here.


InteliTrack Rail Tracking Systems make photovoltaic panels more productive by tracking the sun east/west all day and north/south through the seasons. Fewer panels are needed, so the cost of your system is lower.

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For more on how much more energy you can expect from each panel when you use a rail tracking system at your site, and how much money you can save, click here.

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