Date: 03.12.12

Flagstaff AZ – Sedona Energy Labs LLC has been re-launched as Sedona Solar Technology, according to company Chief Executive Officer Mark Scanlon.

The purpose of the re-launch is to highlight the company’s unique technology:  equipment which increases the energy produced by solar electric panels by 25% to 50%.

“Our InteliTrack Rail Tracking Systems have been proven productive and durable”, said Scanlon.  “We’re now 100% focused on commercializing this technology.  More energy produced by each panel means fewer panels and other components are needed, and the cost of each photovoltaic system is reduced.  That makes PV much more cost-effective.”

Sedona’s InteliTrack systems are used in commercial, residential and utility applications, including sites with high winds where competing tracking systems are not suitable.  Sedona technology is used at coastal sites, since it withstands salt spray without corrosion.

Industry experts expect more than 1.6 billion watts (1.6 GW) of solar electric systems to be installed in the US this year, and more than 20 billion watts (20 GW) worldwide – enough to power the city of Phoenix.  Shipments of solar electric panels are growing by more than 50% per year, and costs have come down by half in the last three years alone.

“Declining panel prices are making photovoltaics competitive with other energy sources, and InteliTrack technology is contributing to that trend –  lower total cost of ownership – by reducing the number of panels and other system components needed,” according to Scanlon.  “Sedona Solar Technology is positioned to benefit from lower panel prices and higher fossil fuel costs.”

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