Date: 02.21.12

Washington DC – Sedona Solar Technology Founder and CEO Mark Scanlon has been awarded US Patent Number 8,119,963 for his invention of a new tracking system for solar electric panels.

Titled “High efficiency counterbalanced dual axis solar tracking array frame system”, the system positions each photovoltaic (solar electric) panel in an array accurately to face the sun directly, thus maximizing the energy produced by each panel.  The system uses GPS data to accurately track the sun east/west through each day and north/south through the seasons.

The result is a dramatic increase in the energy produced by each panel – 20 to 30% in low-latitude states like Florida, and 40% to 50% in higher-latitude areas like the Pacific Northwest and New England.

Scanlon’s patent has been assigned to Sedona Solar Technology, which is commercializing the system for use in residential, commercial and utility applications.

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