Two-axis tracking systems for photovoltaics have been known for many years to be far more productive than fixed panels or one-axis tracking systems.

But two-axis trackers have been considered less reliable than fixed racks or one-axis trackers.

InteliTrack Rail Tracking Systems are as productive as other two-axis tracking systems, but simple and reliable.

InteliTrack systems have only two moving parts – actuators and bearings – and both have been proven reliable through extensive accelerated testing.

When compared with other components in your solar electric system, these simple components are extremely long-lived.


InteliTrack systems use actuators proven for many years in rugged, outdoor applications, such as John Deere farming equipment.

To evaluate their reliability for use in tracking systems, Sedona analyzed test data which showed expected life of more than 100 years.

The actuators used in InteliTrack systems were also subjected to a variety of environmental and electrical tests, under conditions summarized in this chart:

  Temperature   -40 C to +90C
  Temperature change   -30 C to +100 C in less than 10 seconds
  Heat and humidity   93% to 98%, -40 C to +55 C
  Salt mist   5% NaCl, 500 hours exposure
  Water ingression   Per IPX6
  Salt water dunk   115 C for 20 hours;  immersion in 20 C salt water
  Dust   Per IP6X
  Free fall   0.4 m onto steel
  Vibration   5 Hz to 200 Hz
  Shock   100 g for 6 milliseconds
  Electrical   Electrostatic discharge  rf fields  Fast transients  Surge transients  Magnetic fields

The actuators performed well even under these extreme conditions.

For more complete test results, contact Sedona Solar Technology at 1.928.863.3245.


InteliTrack systems use bearings made of high-density polymers, which are self-lubricating and require no maintenance. The materials chosen are resistant to ultraviolet radiation.

Accelerated aging tests show expected life over 100 years in this application.

  • High-density polymer
  • Maintenance-free
  • Self-lubricating
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Resistant to ultraviolet radiation

Your system:

Every  InteliTrack system is optimized for the site where it will be installed, to make sure it produces the maximum possible energy from each panel. You will see for yourself the simple, rugged construction of your system!

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