Date: 09.17.12

Pune, Maharashtra, India and Flagstaff AZ – Executives of both companies have announced the launch of a new partnership between Qubic Suntrack Energy System Pvt. Ltd. and Sedona Solar Technology.  The partnership will market Sedona’s unique tracking system for photovoltaics in India.

Qubic, a leading developer of solar electric projects in India, will combine Sedona’s InteliTrack Rail Tracking System with other solar electric technologies to complete solar lighting systems, remote pumping systems, power generation stations, and other photovoltaic projects.

Sedona will supply InteliTrack technology and new products now being developed.  InteliTrack systems track the sun, producing much more energy from each panel, so fewer panels are needed, and total cost is reduced.

Qubic Director Deepak Kelkar said of the partnership, “Qubic will aggressively market the state-of-the-art InteliTrack Rail Tracking System in India, to enhance the energy generation of solar plants, including off-grid as well as on-grid systems.  Given the aggressive Indian Solar Mission and Generation Based Incentive announced by the Government of India, Indian customers will now have enhanced performance of their solar installations, thereby improving the ROI of the installed plants.”

“We needed a qualified and energetic partner to get our technology to market in India”, said Sedona CEO Matt Kesler.  “We are excited to now have that partner.”

Qubic was founded in 2009 and is based in Pune, in the state of Maharashtra, on India’s west coast.  Qubic supplies both photovoltaic systems and hybrid wind/sun systems.

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