Sedona Solar Technology Named Cleantech Open Semifinalist

Friday 8 June 2012 (Denver CO) – Sedona Solar Technology has been named a semifinalist in Cleantech Open 2012, a nationwide accelerator program for clean technology startups.

“We are excited and honored by this!”, according to CEO Mark Scanlon.  “There were hundreds of applicants from all over the US.  Now we have the opportunity to participate fully in the program, which includes coaching from very experienced professionals in a number of fields, and to meet other entrepreneurs and investors in clean technologies.  We expect it to accelerate our success dramatically over the next few months.”

The Cleantech Open was founded in 2005 by a group of individuals looking to make a difference by creating a competition to accelerate the creation and growth of cleantech start-ups.  2012 is the first year Sedona Solar Technology has entered the program.

New Analysis:  Are Rail Tracking Systems Cost-Effective?

Friday 4 May 2012 (Port Moody BC) – North American Clean Energy Magazine’s May/June issue contains a new analysis of the cost-effectiveness of photovoltaic energy.

This simple approach compares rail tracking systems, like the InteliTrack Rail Tracking System pioneered by Sedona Solar Technology, with fixed racks and other tracking systems.

The article is available here (page 18).

For a complimentary copy of the May/June issue, please contact us at


Technology team and with our business partners.  This technology is a key to making photovoltaics cost-effective in the US and internationally.  Bringing it to market successfully will create an immense amount of value for our customers, partners and stockholders.”

Scanlon will continue to guide the company as Product Architect and major stockholder.

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Scanlon Awarded US Patent

Tuesday 21 February 2012 (Washington DC) – Sedona Solar Technology Founder and CEO Mark Scanlon has been awarded US Patent Number 8,119,963 for his invention of a new tracking system for solar electric panels.

Titled “High efficiency counterbalanced dual axis solar tracking array frame system”, the system positions each photovoltaic (solar electric) panel in an array accurately to face the sun directly, thus maximizing the energy produced by each panel.  The system uses GPS data to accurately track the sun east/west through each day and north/south through the seasons.

The result is a dramatic increase in the energy produced by each panel – 20 to 30% in low-latitude states like Florida, and 40% to 50% in higher-latitude areas like the Pacific Northwest and New England.

Scanlon’s patent has been assigned to Sedona Solar Technology, which is commercializing the system for use in residential, commercial and utility applications.

New Report Shows Tracking Systems Gaining Market

Monday 19 March 2012 (Wellingborough UK) – A leading market research company has issued a new report showing that tracking systems are expected to be the fastest-growing segment among photovoltaic equipment.

“The World Market For PV Balance Of System Equipment”, published by IMS Research (, forecasts an increase in sales for “balance of system” components – components other than modules – from $17 billion in 2011 to $24 billion in 2016, despite a reduction from 2011 to 2012.  IMS forecasts tracking equipment growth to be faster than any other component, such as inverters.

Sedona Solar Technology manufactures a unique tracking system, the InteliTrack Rail Tracking System.

Sedona Energy Labs Is Now Sedona Solar Technology

Monday 12 March 2012 (Flagstaff AZ) – Sedona Energy Labs LLC has been re-launched as Sedona Solar Technology, according to company Chief Executive Officer Mark Scanlon.

The purpose of the re-launch is to highlight the company’s unique technology:  equipment which increases the energy produced by solar electric panels by 25% to 50%.

“Our InteliTrack Rail Tracking Systems have been proven productive and durable”, said Scanlon.  “We’re now 100% focused on commercializing this technology.  More energy produced by each panel means fewer panels and other components are needed, and the cost of each photovoltaic system is reduced.  That makes PV much more cost-effective.”

Sedona’s InteliTrack systems are used in commercial, residential and utility applications, including sites with high winds where competing tracking systems are not suitable.  Sedona technology is used at coastal sites, since it withstands salt spray without corrosion.

Industry experts expect more than 1.6 billion watts (1.6 GW) of solar electric systems to be installed in the US this year, and more than 20 billion watts (20 GW) worldwide – enough to power the city of Phoenix.  Shipments of solar electric panels are growing by more than 50% per year, and costs have come down by half in the last three years alone.

“Declining panel prices are making photovoltaics competitive with other energy sources, and InteliTrack technology is contributing to that trend –  lower total cost of ownership – by reducing the number of panels and other system components needed,” according to Scanlon.  “Sedona Solar Technology is positioned to benefit from lower panel prices and higher fossil fuel costs.”

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