Fully-Automated Two-Axis Tracking

The InteliTrack 2000 Rail Tracking System is the simplest, most reliable fully-automated tracking system for photovoltaics.

Both east/west and north/south tracking are fully automated, driven by linear actuators. The result is reliable operation – only two moving parts – and the highest energy output all day and all year.

We recommend the InteliTrack 2000 system for ground-mounted sites and for commercial, residential and utility customers who want accurate, automated tracking.

  • Fully-automated two-axis tracking for highest year-round energy production
  • Fewer panels needed means lower system cost
  • Only two moving parts means reliable operation over many years
  • All materials are impervious to salt-spray corrosion
  • Wind rating up to 150 miles per hour
  • Distributed weight load
  • No need for concrete foundation

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  Model 2000-090S 2000-120S 2000-150S
  Wind rating 90 mph 120 mph 150 mph
  Panels 4 panels per frame, up to 85″ X 45″
  Controller Lauritzen
  Actuator Linear electric
  Bearing Self-lubricating, UV-resistant polymer
  Rotation Azimuth -45° to +45°Elevation -10° to +120°
  Backtracking Yes – east/west adjustment to prevent one panel shading the next
  Outer frame  Aluminum
  Outer supports Aluminum
  Panel supports Aluminum
  Installed dimensions Height 96″, length 120″, width 96″
  Weight 175 pounds
  Wind  Panels in “park” protective mode when wind is greater than 40 mph
  Operating temperature
 -22°F to 149°F (-30 C to +65 C)
  Warranty  10 years
  Manufactured USA


InteliTrack is a trademark of Sedona Solar Technology.

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