Date: 07.31.12

This depends on where the system will be installed.  In the US, you will usually get about 40% more energy from each panel, when the panels are mounted on an InteliTrack System, compared with the same panels on fixed racks (with the fixed racks tilted the best way).

In the US, a useful (and free) database is the National Renewable Energy Lab’s PVWatts site (  In other coutries, PVWatts coverage is spotty, but there are other databases that can help you.

Compare the energy produced (kWh) from a two-axis system with the energy produced by a fixed system, to get an estimate of the extra energy you will get from your InteliTrack System.

Or reduce the number of kW to find out how many fewer panels you will need and how much your can reduce the cost of your photovoltaic system.

If you need help, contact your local InteliTrack distributor, or Sedona Solar Technology at or 1.928.863.3245.

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