Sizing Your InteliTrack Rail Tracking System

To determine the best size for your InteliTrack System, you need to know either the amount of energy (kWh) needed, or the size determined for a fixed-rack system.

Sizing your system based on the energy required

1.  Determine the total amount of kWh required each year.

2.  Use PVWatts ( or another good database to find the number of kilowatts needed to meet the energy requirement.

3.  Find the closest available site on the PVWatts map.

4.  Select “2-axis tracking”.

5.  Notice that the output is in ac kWh.

6. Subtract 2% from the number of kWh estimated by the database, to account for “back-tracking” early in the morning and late in the day – panels returning to “noon” position to avoid shadowing.

Sizing your system based on the size of a fixed-rack system

1.  Find your location on PVWatts or another good solar database.

2.  First enter “Fixed tilt” to estimate the amount of energy (kWh) produced by a fixed-rack system.

3.  Then enter “2-axis tracking” and subtract 2% from the result, to get estimated performance of your InteliTrack System.

4.  Adjust the size of the InteliTrack System to match the kWh output of the fixed-rack system.

Sizing your off-grid system

1.  Size the system as described above.

2.  But use December data rather than annual totals;  that is, size the system for the lowest-output month.

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