How do I choose which InteliTrack System is best for my site?

If your site is in a coastal region where salt-spray might corrode steel structural parts, choose the InteliTrack 2000 System, which has structural parts made of aluminum (which is not corroded by salt-spray).

Otherwise, choose the InteliTrack 3000 System, which is less expensive.

Will InteliTrack Systems work with any panels?

InteliTrack Systems work with all common solar electric panels.

How much more energy will I get from each panel?

This depends on where the system will be installed.  In the US, a great (and free) database is the National Renewable Energy Lab’s PVWatts site (  In other coutries, PVWatts coverage is spotty, but there are other databases that can help you.

Compare the energy produced (kWh) from a two-axis system, reduced by 2%, with the energy produced by a fixed system.  (The 2% reduction is due to “back-tracking” – returning the panels to the “noon” position late each afternoon and early each morning, to avoid shadowing.)

If you need help, contact your local InteliTrack distributor, or Sedona Solar Technology at or 1.928.300.9344.

 How much do tracking systems add to the cost of PV?

If you choose the right tracker, it will reduce the cost of your PV system.  You will need fewer panels and less inverter capacity, so the total cost of the system will be reduced.

Where can I buy InteliTrack Systems?

Everywhere else, you can buy InteliTrack Systems directly from Sedona Solar Technology:  1.928.300.9344 or  We can work with your installer to make sure the project goes well!



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