Date: 01.21.13

Chennai, India and Flagstaff AZSedona Solar Technology and Maruntech Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. have announced a partnership for large photovoltaic projects in India, beginning with a 5 megawatt project in the spring of 2013 to be executed by Maruntech’s newly formed EPC company Kratos Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

On January 9, Mr. T. Bhavani Prasad, Chairman and Managing Director of Tapal Steel Pvt. signed an agreement for funding the proposed 5 MW Captive Solar PV Power Plant, to be set up in Bellary, a historic city in southwest India.  Kratos, a consortium of Maruntech, Tecsol, and Daffodils, will serve as engineering/procurement/construction leader for this project.  Mr. Prasad forecast that by 2015 Tapal Steel will implement a 20 MW PV project in Bellary, supported by Kratos.

The project planned for this spring will be managed by Kratos and will employ Sedona technology to increase the energy produced by each panel, and to make the project more viable by reducing the payback time to less than seven years.

“While evaluating various technologies for increased energy output from photovoltaic power installations, our team decided that the innovative InteliTrack™ Rail Tracking System developed by Sedona was the way forward.  It offers the benefits of dual axis tracking at lower total cost of installation, and lower operating and maintenance costs.  This was the key.” said B. Deepak Rai, Director of Maruntech.  “The vast Indian PV power plant market makes our association with Sedona very meaningful, as we together will make photovoltaic energy more affordable with InteliTrack systems.  It will also ensure that this state-of-the-art technology is available to Indian developers at an affordable price through increased indigenization.”

Matt Kesler, Sedona’s CEO, added, “This will be our first megawatt-scale project in Asia, and will allow us to prove that our technology is cost-effective for our partner, Maruntech, as well as for energy consumers.”

Maruntech is primarily a design and engineering company located in Chennai (formerly known as Madras), but with projects throughout India.  Maruntech will acquire photovoltaic panels and other system components, and supply complete photovoltaic systems.  Maruntech is also developing other megawatt-scale photovoltaic projects targeted for construction in 2013.

Now working on a number of 1 MW project bids to Tancredco in Tamilnadu, Maruntech has seen a marked increase in project viability with the use of InteliTrack systems, according to Mr. Rai.  “We see a clear increase of 23% in energy production when compared to fixed panels.”

Based in Flagstaff, Sedona Solar Technology provides InteliTrack Rail Tracking Systems, which increase the amount of energy produced by each panel, by tracking the sun east-west through each day and north-south through the seasons.  Sedona technology is compatible with all commercially-available solar electric panels.

InteliTrack is a trademark of Sedona Solar Technology.

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